Associate Advisor for Communication

Blue Grass Council VOA Associate Advisor for Communication

The VOA Associate Advisor for Communication is responsible for enabling the Vice President of Communication to preform all of his/her duties to the best of their abilities. Additionally, this person is responsible for helping the Council VOA Advisor in the various degrees of need he or she may have.

Nathan Vick


My name is Nathan Vick, and I have the honor of serving as advisor to the Vice President of Communication this year. I joined Scouting as a Tiger Cub and have been involved ever since. Along the way, I’ve had the chance to serve Scouting in a number of roles, including as council Venturing president, council digital media chair, national OA web coordinator, and associate advisor for communication on the Southern Region Venturing Officers’ Association. I’m an Eagle Scout, a Summit Award recipient, and a Ranger Award recipient, and I’m currently with Crew 204 (chartered to Camp McKee). My vision for this year is to support John in accomplishing his vision for outstanding communication throughout the Blue Grass Council.