Blue Grass Council VOA President

The VOA President is responsible for the total council-level Venturing program. They are in charge of the selection of other VOA Youth members. They are in charge of the training of council crew presidents, and plans and leads all VOA meetings. 

Amanda V.

My name is Amanda Vick, and it is my honor to serve you for a second term as Council Venturing President.  I am a Summit Award and Ranger Award recipient, and I have attended ILSC and NYLT. 
This year, my vision is to keep Venturing thriving through the pandemic as we find new ways to have safe, fun adventures! 
I hope to help the Venturing program continue growing and further develop the relationship between the VOA and the crews. I also hope to adapt the program to provide fun and safe events for Venturers during this pandemic. Whether online or in person with social distancing, we can continue our adventure!
As we enter into a new year, I am excited for what we can do, and I look forward to working with you all!
Yours in Service,
Amanda Vick
Council Venturing President