VP Communication

Blue Grass Council VOA Vice President of Communication

The VOA Vice President (VP) of Communication is responsible for the total communications of the council VOA to crews and venturers. This includes compilation and distribution of a periodic Venturing newsletter, and maintaining rosters of VOA members and frequently involved persons. Additionally, the VP of Communication is responsible for submitting articles and information about Venturing and VOA activities to the council newsletter and local media outlets, and in charge of creating, publishing, and updating promotional materials for Venturing.

John Andrew S.

Greetings Venturers,

My name is John Andrew, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Blue Grass Council 2021 Vice President of Communications! I am a Discovery Award recipient, and have been involved in venturing since 2019.

My vision for the VOA this coming year is to tremendously improve the communication methods, and practices used, and making all information more accessible. These officer bios are just the beginning of many ideas you may see implemented into council venturing, and maybe even in your unit. I am excited to serve as your 2020 VOA Vice President, and hope to make a lasting impact and serve you in all the best ways that I can.

Lead the Adventure,
John Andrew S.
Council Venturing Vice President