Crew Activities

Your crew has incredible opportunities for adventure available! Venturing crews can do things that no other Scouting unit can. Plus, the crew’s older age range means that the activities you plan can take a much broader scale than a troop can.

The sky’s the limit for what your crew can do. Past adventures we’ve heard about include whitewater rafting, backpacking the Mischa Mokwa or part of the Appalachian Trail, Christmas parties, shooting pistols and high-caliber rifles, visiting New York City or Chicago, and more. It’s really up to the youth in your crew!

If you need a few suggestions, our friends over at Kawida Lodge have put together a helpful guide to camping and hiking locations here in the Blue Grass Council. Check it out at

Of course, your crew is always encouraged to take advantage of the activities that the council put on, such as the KCA Shooting Sports Camporee and Ranger Week. If your crew has enough interested people, or can join with another crew, taking a group to a National High Adventure Base or participating in the National Scout Jamboree with the council’s contingent can be the ultimate in adventure!