Why Venturing?

Since you’re here, you’re probably wondering what Venturing is. Maybe you’re curious about what crews do, or maybe you’re just not sure if Venturing is for you. If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We believe that adventure is fun, whether in the great outdoors or another place. We believe that Venturing-age youth are looking for adventure and want to provide opportunities that you just won’t find anywhere else.

How does this happen? First, through individual crews, whose members get to pick their specialty and plan their own exciting activities. Second, adventure happens through council-level programs, since the council has access to resources that crews might not have, like boats, guns, and climbing gear. Third, adventure happens through national-level programs, like high adventure bases and the National Scout Jamboree.

The results of participating in these activities can be incredible. You’ll have tons of fun and gain valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will help you get a job and succeed with it. You’ll learn about planning events, teaching skills, caring for others, and more. Plus, you’ll get to have fun with all your new friends!

So, why Venturing? Because it’s awesome!

Convinced yet? If so, that’s great! Click here to find your future crew today!

Still have a few questions? That’s okay! Just email Council Venturing President Olivia Vick at president@venturing.bgbsa.org with your questions.